Hi guys it’s mark so crypto gaming is currently one of the hoqattest investments out there as it seems to be making early buyers millions of dollars with eye watering 1 000 returns i can’t escape it now my instagram’s back up and running as many of you have been sending me dms asking how to invest in crypto games even though this looks like an amazing opportunity are these crazy returns actually realistic or are people just

Selling you a dream it’s certainly hard to know who you can trust as many influencers are being paid to promote certain coins or just making videos with the sole purpose of trying to pump cryptos that they already own so today i want to take an unbiased look at the hottest crypto games give you an idea of what it’s all about and explain how you can use this information to make some money just to make it clear i’m not promoting any of these coins or being Compensated by them in any way so you can just sit back and relax because i’m not selling you anything this is a topic that i’m genuinely interested in even as a traditional investor that’s a kind way of saying i’m a boomer i’ve been researching lots of games and i’ve narrowed it down to six i find really interesting as always i think it’s important to put my money where my mouth is so i’ve decided to bring back the wheel of fortune and i’ve placed

Different amounts on it ranging from a hundred dollars to five thousand dollars after talking about each crypto gaming coin i’m going to give it a spin and invest whatever amount it lands on we’re only going to be talking about the facts so you can make up your own mind without being misled by the pump and dumpers also to make this interesting as we move through the different crypto games they are going to get less well known therefore they could be seen as riskier

But have a higher potential reward none of this should be considered financial advice i’m just keen to discover whether these games are genuine investments or just glorified gambling so let’s get right into this after yes smash that like button for the youtube algorithm first let’s talk about axi infinity as it’s currently one of the most popular crypto games on the market it’s seen explosive growth over 2021 going from just 38 000 users per day in april to

Over 2 million daily users now this fast growth could give it an advantage over other crypto games as players have already invested their money within the game and therefore i’d imagine they’re less likely to jump to new games when they’re released the axiomfinity cryptocoin has seen an over 100 000 return since it was created meaning if you invested just a hundred dollars back on the 6th of november 2020 then now you would have over

Hundred 106 fifty eight dollars however it was more than this but it’s recently dipped from all-time highs but mark all i want to know is should i invest well first and foremost it actually has to be a fun game to play the aim of the game is to collect digital pets which you can raise and even battle these are called axes something that i find interesting is that each axi is a unique nft that can be bought and sold i mean let’s address

The elephant in the room axi infinity is clearly heavily inspired by pokemon but i see this as a good thing as even i got drawn into playing pokemon go with my son back in the day i’m not going to lie nfts used to be a bit of a mystery to me i just couldn’t understand why people would want to buy a jpeg when they could just take a screenshot instead however i completely understand it within a game like axi infinity this is because the nfts have an actual purpose inside the

Game other than hopefully just increasing value there is also a rule that players must have three axes in order to play this is a good way to keep the demand high for these digital pets having a good concept is important but having a team that can pull this off is really crucial the team behind axey infinity is a vietnam based company called sky mavis founded in 2018 they don’t seem to have any experience creating big games before

However they are keeping on track with their road map and the ceo is no stranger to running a business and raising capital so judging by this if a boomer like me can wrap my head around this then the game seems quite simple and easy to pick up it also has clear goals for the players and a reason to buy the nfts and coins like most crypto games the more you play and contribute the more rewards you can earn one thing that might hold axe infinity back from

Mass adoption is the complex setup which involves connecting your crypto wallets most people probably don’t understand how to do this however the game is still growing at a fast rate so it doesn’t seem to be causing them any problems so let’s spin the wheel and see how much we’re going to be investing [Music] 250 dollars it seems like we’re starting off slow i’m going to buy some axe infinity shards on coinbase this crypto

Represents a slice of the axi world this is sort of like buying a stock talking about stocks public are currently giving away a free stock worth all the way up to a thousand dollars if you live in the usa and free trade are giving away a free stock worth all the way up to 200 pounds if you live in the uk i’ll leave those links in the description below next up is decentraland the second biggest crypto game on my list you’ve probably heard

The term metaverse being mentioned a lot recently it’s the latest craze and even i’ve made a video all about it it’s essentially the idea that there is going to be a digital version of our world where we can interact work and play excitement surrounding the metaverse is surging lately probably due to my last video about it and maybe partially due to a small company known as facebook changing their name to meta this all seems to be driving the valuation of

Decentraland’s token higher and higher to the moon baby decentraland’s name pretty much explains the concept the first part refers to its decentralized nature which means that it’s not controlled by one person or company the last part is referring to the digital land you can buy and sell decentra land it’s quite clever isn’t it i like the sound of the centuryland because it’s like virtual real estate and my real estate investments have been very

Profitable over the years there are 90 601 plots of land which are actually nfts which means each land token cannot be replicated and is completely unique this gives the players the ability to own develop and rent out their virtual land as well as interacting with areas and things other players have made right so who’s visiting the tilbury estate then the game also allows players to make art play games and even list virtual events this is all fueled by the Game’s own cryptocurrency called mana i’ve even heard of players building casinos on their land and getting people to gamble in them it’s just crazy stuff the team behind decentraland are seasoned blockchain engineers experienced venture capitalists and silicon valley data analysts once again it doesn’t seem like they’ve worked on any aaa rated games but they certainly seem to have some credibility so as i’ve mentioned mana is the crypto that fuels

Decentraland so that’s what i’m going to be spinning the will and investing in so that’s 500 mana has been performing great over the last year with one major pump in october causing it to jump from one dollar to nearly five dollars in one day this one is pretty easy to invest in because it’s on coinbase there you go all done talking about coinbase they’re actually currently giving away 10 worth of free bitcoin to my viewers this is only for a Limited time so i’ll leave the link in the description if you want to pick that up next on my list we have sandbox which has recently been growing in popularity it has been creating a bit of a buzz lately with some people thinking it could be the next shiba inu or dogecoin sandbox is a virtual world built on the ethereum blockchain very similar to decentraland where players can build and monetize their experience using nfts and their token you guessed it sand players

Can create in-game assets trade them on the marketplace and also create games of course it’s a bit more complicated than this but that’s the concept i think the artwork in this game looks really cool especially the dragons they just copy and pasted deborah mead and they didn’t need to change your thing just a little bit of extra fire you know i love you deborah it may surprise you the sandbox isn’t actually new it’s been around since 2012 on mobile devices and was a Relatively small game with 1 million active users from 2012 to 2016. but recently with the excitement around virtual reality they’ve managed to raise 93 million dollars to grow the sandbox metaverse but what i think is even more interesting is that they aren’t just putting that money into building the game they seem to have also allocated a large budget to promotion just the other day i was watching a mike malak vlog and out of the blue he started advertising

It something positive i discovered is that the ceo of sandbox is not new to this space and has been in the business since 2000 he’s also been involved in many other companies over the years and even sold two software businesses other team members have multiple years in blockchain technology and tens of years in mobile tech and gaming in general so it seems like they know what they’re doing however there is a lot of competition rising in the metaverse Space so they’re going to need a lot of promotion to keep growing so let’s spin the wheel and invest [Music] 5 000 that’s the biggest one yet and we’re going to be buying it on kraken this coin is around its all-time high so i do feel a bit nervous going into this because i always like picking up investments at bargain prices but who knows this may turn into a bargain as

Crypto gaming is exploding at the moment next up we have the fourth biggest on my list engine coin i think we can all agree that crypto gaming is a bit of a gold rush at the moment people are digging around everywhere looking for the next coin that will hopefully make them rich but it’s not just the gold miners that profit from the gold rush it’s also the people selling the shovels and the pickaxes that’s why engine coin looks so promising as it allows game Developers to create nft gaming items with the other games in the list there is always a high potential that it will flop and your investment may decrease in value however with engine coin the games that use it to build their nfts can flop an engine will still benefit just think about how many people are trying to create crypto games the market is huge take businesses like amazon and ebay they make money from people selling on their platform these types of businesses

Typically work really well i would imagine that creating a crypto game is really difficult not only have you got the typical complications of creating a game but you’ve also got the blockchain technology making things complicated so i think that’s why engine coin is really useful as it solves some of these issues it could also help existing games integrate a crypto aspect let’s take minecraft for example you may just think of it as a simple building game with Annoying creepers but it’s become so much more than that people now have custom servers where you can play all sorts of different game modes with people from all around the world while playing in these servers you can earn in-game items this is cool and all but what if they could become nfts oh wait they have microsoft and engine coin have already made this happen earlier this year thanks to the help of an engine plug-in that now allows minecraft to

Support nfts and crypto minecraft is a pretty big game with over 140 million monthly users so it’s awesome to see them adopting something like this just think if engine coin can make it so easy to do how long will it be before other games follow in their footsteps engines say they are a fully distributed team spread across five continents and 20 different countries unified by a mission to build futuristic world-class products the team does look quite impressive as Well with some core team members having over 10 years experience in software development this has led to engine creating over 1 billion digital assets since 2009 so let’s spin the wheel and find out how much i’m investing in engine coin [Music] one thousand dollars i knew it had to come up eventually looking at the chart here the only drawback i can see is the price is quite high but

Anyway there we go i think there is still growth to come and no one really knows what will happen next on my list is alluvium you could say this is getting a little bit more risky now as we’re going into the less popular games but many nft experts believe that alluvium is a good investment to make in the current crypto market because of its huge growth potential the game is quickly gaining popularity amongst crypto gaming fans especially after Releasing their latest promo video and i have to say the game artwork looks absolutely amazing but mark what exactly is eluvium the concept of eluvium is that you play as a hunter from space that crashes on an alien planet with loads of creatures and have to explore in order to find out what happened and what these creatures are it sounds just like a much more complex version of pokemon eluvium is built on the ethereum blockchain and will be a free-to-play

Game no membership or crypto will be required to play what makes illuvium different from the other games is it really does look like a triple a game the graphics look absolutely amazing and they do claim it will be polished in all areas which sounds awesome if they actually deliver but games like this are extremely hard to make so it’s important to pay close attention to the team behind it so i’ve done a bit of digging into the team at elluvium and i have to Say it looks pretty good of course with any crypto project it’s important to be skeptical but the team at eluvium have worked on projects like the last of us and rise of the tomb raider their animators have worked on projects like transformers avengers guardians of the galaxy godzilla and ready player one maybe that’s why the game looks so good the eluvian game is set to release in 2022 but that doesn’t mean the alluvium crypto coin isn’t already going

Absolutely bonkers it makes me wish i’d made this video a year ago i’m not going to be diving any deeper into this game as it’s not out yet and i don’t want to speculate but there is certainly a lot of hype for elluvium so let’s spin the wheel and see how it goes five hundred dollars i first got to use some of my ethereum in my metamask wallet and then go to sushi swap and change my ethereum into elluvium coin there you go all done lastly we have Star atlas which is the smallest game on my list a lot like alluvium this has a lot of growth potential as the game isn’t actually out yet but there is of course more risk involved for the investors the star atlas game is going to be based in the future the year 2620 to be exact it will have three factions the aliens the androids and the humans they claim the game will have a cinema quality real-time environment in essence it’s a strategy game focus on

Exploration role playing and space flight simulation they say this game will have the option to be played in first person third person and even vr which sounds absolutely awesome i love a bit of star wars so i wouldn’t mind some virtual reality space travel that’s for sure i have to say in terms of graphics and gameplay alluvium and star atlas look the best but they’re not out yet and it’s very common for crypto gaming projects to promise the world so the big Question is will they actually deliver well they do have a pretty big team many members have been in the business for a while and some even have a history at the big video game development company ee sports so this does give me a bit more faith in their abilities to deliver on their promises something that caught my eye is that the game is actually built on the solana blockchain which is different to all the other games solana is a rapidly growing coin and i’m

Hearing about it more and more according to its developers solana is the fastest blockchain in the world capable of processing over 50 000 transactions per second compared to ethereum’s 15 or less solana’s massive transaction capacity means more apps and games will be able to run at the same time without slowing down this could offer an advantage to star atlas over the other crypto games star atlas isn’t currently at all-time highs unlike many of the other games We’ve mentioned but remember i’m investing money that i can afford to lose so with that said let’s spin the wheel [Music] 250 dollars because this is a bit more of a complicated process let’s hop on the computer so in order to buy star atlas i had to go on this website called ftx and then put in my 250 there we go all bolts investing in these crypto coins has been an eye-opening experience For me although i do believe that crypto gaming is the future i also acknowledge that there are a lot of hurdles that need to be jumped before these games get adopted on a mass scale firstly as i found out investing in some of these coins is difficult maybe that’s just because i’m a boomer but it involves a lot of different tools and websites and i think the majority of people will just give up before investing secondly they aren’t currently comparable to big title

Games so i can see it being hard for them to break into the mainstream of course as teams keep working on the games they will improve but there is a long way to go let me know if you’d like me to make a future video in which i update you on how these investments are doing in the comment section below so i’m going to leave the next video right up there but don’t click on it just yet make sure to subscribe if you want to grow your wealth and don’t forget to Pick up your free stocks and bitcoin with the links below okay i’ll see you over there

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