Anupama 27 February 2022 written update:Anupama’s birthday

Anupama 27 February 2022 written update:Anupama’s birthday is a very famous daily serial and people are going crazy on internet to know what will happen on the next episode of “Anupama 27 February 2022 written update:Anupama’s birthday ” Episode Full Written Update at

At the beginning of the episode, Anupama’s mother send a voice note to Anupama and said that Anupama has right to love someone. Anupama’s mother asked Anupama to live her life freely and think about herself. On the other hand, Malvika arrived at Anuj’s home and apologized in front of him for allowing Vanraj to interfere in their business. Anuj informed Malvika about Anupama’s birthday. Malvika gave gift to Anuj and said she is going somewhere to take a small break. Anuj said Malvika will not go anywhere. Malvika said she will call him regularly. Vanraj and Toshu arrived at home. Vanraj gets angry after watching the decorations for Anupama’s birthday. Kavya asked what happened? Vanraj said Malvika ran away because she needed a break because Anupama has given lecture in front of her.

Anupama 27 February 2022 written update:Anupama’s birthday

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Running Time: Episode Run 20-27 Minutes

Country: India

Malvika said she knows everything about Anuj and Anupama’s valentine night. Malvika said she and Gopi Kaka is too excited for Anuj’s marriage. Malvika asked Anuj to let her go for some days. Anuj said Malvika will text him daily and allowed her to go. They both get emotional and Malvika leaves from there. Kavya asked Vanraj to go out while the birthday celebration. Vanraj said he need to take revenge from Anupama and will stay at home only. Anupama come in temple and asked whether she should yes to Anuj or not? Suddenly Anupama’s hand turned red and she took this as allowance of God. Anuj come to Anupama’s home and get a note that she is on terrace. Anuj thought that Anupama will accept marriage proposal that’s why she went to terrace but when he reached at terrace he found that Shah family was there except Toshu and Vanraj. Anupama cut her birthday cake and decides to marry Anuj. Anupama shows gratitude towards everyone for celebrating her birthday. Anupama said she will inform something important to everyone.

Later Anupama wake up on her birthday and went to kitchen. Anuj was preparing breakfast for Anupama while dancing, she was enjoying while he was dancing. Anupama asked how Anuj come inside the home? Anuj said he took keys of her home from Samar. Anuj overcooked the breakfast. Anupama has ordered food online and asked Anuj to prepare tea for them. Anupama said it’s her birthday and she will not work today. Anupama thought that she will accept marriage proposal in front of everyone. Anupama get call from Baapuji. Gopi Kaka called Anuj and asked about the surprise. Anuj said he is waiting for the perfect time. On the other hand, Toshu asked Kinjal to go out for the whole day. Kinjal said she can’t go out because it’s Anupama’s birthday. Kinjal said Vanraj has given leave to Toshu because he want to keep them away from Anupama.

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