Sirf Tum written update 27 February 2022 weekly

Sirf Tum written update 27 February 2022 weekly is a very famous daily serial and people are going crazy on internet to know what will happen on the next episode of “Sirf Tum written update 27 February 2022 weekly ” Episode Full Written Update at

Last week we saw that, Ranveer gets angry After seeing Ansh. He ask him to leave because he don’t want to see his face on his special day. Rakesh ask Ranveer to come with him. He ask him to calm down. He says if he will not go from there then he will leave from there. He holds the hands of Suhani and tells her that they will not do their function here. Ansh tells Rakesh that he is feeling sorry because of him this scene is created. Suhani manages to convince Ranveer.

Sirf Tum written update 27 February 2022 weekly

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Channel Live Show Tv Telecast Day: Monday To Friday

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Running Time: Episode Run 20-27 Minutes

Country: India

Ranveer promises Suhani that now he will control her anger and will not let her family down and make them feel embarrassed. He says he will always trust her and for him she is always be the important one. Suhani says that she also promise him that she will always respect him and his feelings. Next day, During the mehndi ceremony Ranveer comes with his grandfather. Mamta prepares haldi for Suhani and Ranveer. She goes to put it in front of temple but Vikrant comes in between and throws it away.

She decided to go at Ranveer’s house to bring Mamta. Mamta says she can’t go with her. Mamta ask Suhani to go and don’t ask her the reason why she can’t come with her. Vikrant comes and says Mamta is right and ask suhani to leave. Meanwhile, Ranveer comes and says he knew it that Suhani is there to bring his mother and vikrant is not letting her come. He says so he thought to bring this function here.

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