Star Trappers solution kickstart

Star Trappers solution kickstart


John and Ada are sitting on the grass above a small hill. It is midnight and the sky is full of stars. The sky looks like a 2D plane from so far away and the stars look like points on that plane. Ada loves blue stars and suddenly she notices one, while all the other stars in the sky are white. She loves the blue star so much that she wants to trap it. And she asks John for help.

Ada will tell John the position of the blue star and he has to trap it. To trap it, John has to draw a polygon in the sky with his buster sword, so that the blue star is strictly inside the polygon (not on the border of the polygon) and the polygon has the smallest possible perimeter. The vertices of the polygon must be the white stars.

Even though John is super awesome, he needs your help. Given the positions of the white stars and the blue star, you need to find out whether John can trap the blue star and if he can, also find the minimum length of the perimeter of the polygon he will use.

Star Trappers solution kickstart

The first line of the input gives the number of test cases, TTTT test cases follow.
For each test case, the first line contains an integer NN, it denotes the number of white stars in the sky.
The next NN lines will each contain two integers, XiXi and YiYi. The ii-th pair of integers denotes the x and y coordinates of the ii-th star in the sky.
After these NN lines, there will be one last line, which will contain two integers, XsXs and YsYs, which denote the x and y coordinates of the blue star.

Star Trappers solution kickstart

For each test case, output one line containing Case #xxyy, where xx is the test case number (starting from 1) and yy is the minimum length of the perimeter of the polygon drawn to trap the shooting star. If it is impossible for John to draw a polygon that traps the star, then yy should be IMPOSSIBLE.

yy will be considered correct if it is within an absolute or relative error of 10610−6 of the correct answer. See the FAQ for an explanation of what that means, and what formats of real numbers we accept.


Memory limit: 1 GB.
0Xi,Yi1060≤Xi,Yi≤106, for all ii.
No two stars (including the blue star) will have the same position.

Star Trappers solution kickstart

Time limit: 5 seconds.

Test Set 2

Time limit: 5 seconds.

Test Set 3

Time limit: 50 seconds.
For at most 10 test cases:

For the remaining test cases:


Sample Input
0 0
5 0
2 2
0 0
5 0
0 5
1 1
Sample Output
Case #2: 17.071068

In the first test case we have only two white stars, so we cannot draw any polygons.

In the second test case we have three white stars, so we can draw only one polygon (a triangle), as shown in the picture below. It turns out that we are able to catch the blue star in this polygon. The length of the perimeter of this polygon is 5+5+52–√17.0710685+5+52≈17.071068.

Visualization for the second test case.

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